4 Signs You Should Consider Removing a Tattoo

    Let’s get one thing out of the way first – no one likes having to remove a tattoo. So, it’s always wise to be clever with your choice to get any ink at all unless you are absolutely sure that the design is something you want to carry on your body for the rest of your life. However, nobody is perfect, and we all make mistakes. To know when it’s time to remove that mistake, read on for the four most common signs that indicate a tattoo removal is in order, before you consider the cost of tattoo removal!

    You Keep It Covered Even Outside Work

    Tattoos may be acceptable in your place of work, so keeping it covered might be well-advised in some situations. However, check to see if you subconsciously keep it covered even outside work.

    If you do, there is probably a reason why you are not as proud of the artwork as you should be. Tattoos are meant to be flaunted, not hidden from everyone at all times.

    Your Tattoo is Representative of an Illegal Association

    Teenagers and young adults often get involved in things they come to regret later on. If that tattoo is a reminder of previous gang affiliations that you are no longer proud of, it’s a real sign that it needs to be removed from your body.

    In addition to being a shameful reminder of the past, tattoos indicating illegal affiliations can also run people in trouble with law-enforcement, even if it was in their past. Plus, no employer will look at such a tattoo with fondness, which means that your chances of promotions or even getting a job might be limited by what the tattoo represents.

    It Didn’t Turn Out the Way You Had Hoped

    Not every person who is out to get a cool and sexy dragon ends up with one! The work itself could be shoddy, the ink might have spread differently over its years on your skin, or your mates might be laughing at it every chance they get!

    Whatever the reason, if the tattoo didn’t turn out the way you hoped it would, it’s a sign that a tattoo removal could be the solution.

    The Tattoo Didn’t Age Well

    Very few tattoos actually age well, because skin goes through multiple changes as we begin to get older. Also, the loss of muscle mass from the bulging bicep of a twenty year old could make that horned demon look a lot less evil when he reaches his sixties!

    When a retouch can’t do the job and the design or message of the tattoo has lost relevance to you through the decades, it’s a sign that the tattoo should be removed.

    Removing a tattoo, as long as it’s not really big or too complicated, should not be very painful. Provided you went to a well reputed and licensed dermatologist, chances of infection or further degradation are minimal at worst. However, if you are not sure about the pain or have a generally low pain threshold, ask your dermatologist to use local anaesthesia to remove pain from the equation completely.

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