Why I go to psychedelic arts festivals

    Isn’t it intriguing to go to a festival that is inspired by the spirit world? To experience a beautiful culture first hand? The psychedelic arts festivals are cultural displays that are based on music and art and are characterized by hallucinations and experiences of the “inner world”. The most interesting thing is that the word psychedelic was first used in the 50’s by Merriam Webster to refer to psychoactive drugs with emphasis on LSD. This drugs were said to induce hallucinations.

    Culture in its raw uncensored form

    One of the main reasons I go to the psychedelic art festivals is the richness in culture rarely seen today. The psychedelic arts festivals are portrayed through visual displays, cultural music and paintings leaning towards a more cultural sense. We are living in a time where few people are interested in their cultural roots and it is refreshing to attend a festival that focuses on culture. Some practices would be long forgotten were it not for this festivals.

    While there are music festivals being held, most of the performances are more modern than cultural. People seem to appreciate musicians more, forgetting that painters were initially part of this festivals. If your next big festival happens to be in Australia then I suggest you look for the latest hotel deals for Sydney. With today’s technology there is always an easy way to find something that is within your budget.

    Get in touch with your cultural roots

    With the psychedelic arts festivals, one has a sense of inner freedom rarely experienced. I can be my true self as I explore cultural art. The enchanting dances and the intricate art are anything but exquisite and the responsive crowd makes the whole experience worthwhile. This festival has a way of sucking you into its core and before you know it, you have become part of the dance. It is a beautiful experience where different people are brought together and bond through their love for culture.

    The psychedelic arts festivals have some sort of awakening effect. You are suddenly plunged into a sense of awareness and your consciousness expands. You get to connect with your inner self enough to appreciate everything that is happening in your surroundings.

    Community integration

    The beauty of cultural festivals is that there is no judgement or discrimination. You are all one, brought together by your love for cultural arts. It gives attendees a chance to bond over different forms of art while at the same time acting as a platform for the performers to showcase their talents. The films, dances, music and paintings brings us one step closer to our roots. It is one of the few festivals where you can be your true self without the fear of being judged.
    How often do you treat yourself to some amazing paintings and visual displays that glorify culture? If your answer is �rarely’ or �never’, then you are missing out on a transformative experience. Despite the few cases of people abusing drugs in his festivals, it is still a safe haven and sanctuary for some of us to connect with our inner selves. It is rare to find a festival that combines all forms of art to portray a rich culture and the psychedelic arts festival is one of the few remaining. Next time the festival is in a town close to you, be sure to attend and experience culture on a whole new level! It’s not always easy to get tickets for festivals. If you’re like me, you’re probably extra careful and always look for secured websites. I always make sure they use a secured billing software.

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