There are a few things you should definitely do in life. And one of them is to attend Manchester’s one day live music festival.

    It’s a world dominated by psychedelic jams, rock, grunge, and groovy beats. Without getting too commercial, the Cosmosis Festival is organized to give their audience the best experience. Nothing is too in-your-face, yet the laid-back atmosphere never makes you feel like you’re in a chaotic circus. Stages are erected with ample space between them, and you can experience the music you love without feeling like you’re trapped with penned cattle.

    Set up annually in Victoria Warehouse, this UK festival is one of many around the world that gives the average folk a low-price, high-adrenaline experience of watching the live performance by up-and-coming bands of the day.

    And this is why you should visit an arts festival if you have one in your town. This is the space where new talents come to find their crowd, show off their music, and maybe land record deals. You can easily find yourself part of history because you attended the right festival and one of the bands you watched on stage went on to be splashed on the front cover of international magazines!

    Another amazing aspect of Cosmosis is that there is very little in-your-face advertising. The audience is encouraged to go wherever they want and listen to whoever appeals to them without their experience being interrupted by call-outs to sponsors or needing to manoeuver around excessive branded merchandise being shoved at them.

    While travelling around for these festivals I always sample some exotic cuisine, for example just 2 months ago I tried traditional Uruguayan food and now its my favorite food.

    Take a break from your life, gather your friends and be a part of something enthralling.

    The organizers of Cosmosis clearly know how to create that atmosphere, because a couple of years back they took their popular festival out of Antwerp mansion and into the much larger Victoria Warehouse. The new setting gave Cosmosis an enormous industrial space to utilize to set their stages up.

    The Jesus and Mary Chain and The Raveonettes performed right next to new voices that could be famous tomorrow. The juxtaposition of industry stalwarts with the next generation of talents was a thrilling, goose-bump inducing experience.

    One of the past themes were a riff on the prime elements of our nature, �air’, �water’, �earth’, and �fire’. And the musicians invited to the event stepped up to match
    their sound to the theme of the evening.

    And this is exactly what keeps people coming back to attend the Cosmosis year after year. The organizers take feedback and make the festival more friendly every time.
    It’s one of the only spaces perhaps where the crowd seems to sense the synergy in the air and acts helpful and considerate towards each other.

    This may not be the story at all arts festivals but the essence of the event is how it brings people together. Artists you love are within reaching distance. Musicians you
    would never have come across suddenly steal your heart.

    It’s a night of loud, thrumming, pounding music, which will set your veins on fire and keep you happy dancing for hours. A question some may ask to themself; what about accommodation? Some people might just take their tents to a festival but some other might prefer the luxury of a house/unit or a nice cabin nearby the location of the festival. Get the best info and check quickbreaks.reviews, these guys have the best deals and best recommendations.

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